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Bare Minimum Equipment You Need for a Home Studio

The good thing about recording in a small home studio is that you can utilize your limitations to your advantage. It is a good idea to start by understanding the basics, the creative process, and the gear you need. The truth is that you can create killer recordings from the comfort of your home. These are things you must-have to create a home recording studio.

Decent Laptop

As far as home recording is concerned, you will want to go with a computer recording. Probably, you already have a computer. If you do not, you need to get a laptop that is a hub for home recording. If this is the case, you will have already eliminated the decision. It is advisable to acquire a new computer and keep your current one separate. Ensure you choose only a laptop that you are familiar with. The product should feel comfortable working with on a routine basis. Do not just go for brand name.

Digital Audio Workstation

After choosing your computer, you need to choose the right recording software. Remember that not all DAWs can work on both Windows and iOS. For instance, sonar is for PC only while Logic is for Mac only. However, most of them are dual platform like Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, Studio One, and Live Reason. These are fabulous programs that can get the job done.

As you know, investing in recording software is a big deal. However, you should choose software application that fits your budget. At the end, people will listen to your recordings without telling what program was used to mix or record the song.

Audio Interface

Most people who want to set up a home studio cannot afford a $200,000 mixing console. Remember that you need money for other sound devices such as keyboards, vocals, and guitars. In this case, you will need an audio interface. You should note that most DAWs can work with any type of audio interface. That results in an endless list of boxes you can choose from. It is advisable to limit yourself to only two channel interfaces.

Studio Microphone

Microphones are an important part of recording process and can influence how the recorded material turns out. The primary types of microphones include ribbon, condenser, and dynamic. Dynamic microphones are ideal for use on the stage in the live settings. They are quite durable and can take a beating. Moreover, they are very directional.…

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computer repair

Choosing the Right Computer Repair Company

If you have a computer, you will need it repaired occasionally, no doubt. However good it may be, it will break down a few times here and there. Luckily, there are many computer repair companies out there and choosing the best one for you should be easy. Here are a few tips to choose the right computer repair service.

Licensed and Insured

If your computer repair technician mistakenly fries your hard drive, he or she should be able to cover damages. He or she should also have valid licenses for any software that they share. We have had many cases of people having cracked software on their computers and facing charges in court. Make sure that your computer repair company of choice shares only genuine software.


The computer world grows by the day. You need to change with the changing times because these changes are always for the better, at least in the computer world. For this reason, you need to hire a computer repair company that stays abreast of the recent developments in the computer industry.

Company with a Clean Track Record

hardware repairYou will do your computer a big injustice if you allow quacks to repair and maintain it. Don’t associate with ducks if you want to soar high like eagles. Modern computers store a lot of crucial information and you want a professional computer repair technician who will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your information is safe.

You may need to get in touch with your friends and relatives to get referrals because some of the people claiming to be professional computer repair technicians are actually quacks.

Consider After Sales Services

You need a computer repair technician who is willing to respond to your inquiries long after he or she has repaired your computer. This is because there is no computer that is completely devoid of problems at any point in time. You need to hire a computer repair company that will walk with you every step of your way. You realize that you can easily solve some problems yourself and avoid others if given the right advice.

Consider Service Guarantees

Don’t trust a professional who does not give guarantees for his or her work. If one is not able to fix a problem, they should not be paid for it. A good computer repair company should give service guarantees for their job. Guarantees give you value for your money and gives you more reasons to trust the same company for other tasks.

Consider the Cost of Repairs

Finally, hire professionals who charge reasonably for their services. Don’t look for the cheapest one in town- they may not do a good job. Instead, look for a professional who has been in the business for long enough to know the right cost of every computer repair task. Avoid those who charge per hour or those who will ask for payment upfront.…

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