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What to Consider When Purchasing an Ethernet Cable

What to Consider When Purchasing an Ethernet Cable

Wireless connections or Wi-Fi are common in most homes and offices. Most of them offer unlimited internet connection, which is very affordable. There are instances you may experience challenges with your Wi-Fi connection. One of them is slow speeds. This may inconvenience you a lot. You will have a difficult time opening different web pages and streaming your favorite videos at high quality. This issue may persist even after being fixed by your internet service provider.

LAN cableUsing ethernet cables is one of the best ways to continue enjoying browsing or streaming at improved speeds. It is a cable that connects different network devices. You will experience improved speeds compared to when you are using a wireless connection. Going through various review platforms will help you get the best Ethernet cable for proper connectivity. The highest speed you can enjoy from a Wi-Fi connection is 886.7 Mbps. It is different when you use an Ethernet cable that offers a maximum speed of up to 10 GB/s.

Ethernet cables offer a more secure connection compared to when you are connected wirelessly on your Wi-Fi. Your device will be plugged into the router physically, so it’s hard to notice whether your device was connected to the specific network. You will also experience minimal challenges when your network device is connected via an Ethernet cable. There are several things you should consider when buying this type of network cable. They include:


There are various types of Ethernet cables you can use. Cat 5 and Cat 5e are some of the popular options for household connectivity applications. You can enjoy speeds of up to 100 Mb/s. Cat 5e can offer speeds of up to 1000 Mb/s. There are also more improved types like Cat 6 that provide speeds of up to 10 GBps. Look for the right type for your connectivity needs.


You should also consider the length of the Ethernet cable you are purchasing. Longer network cables are the best if you want to connect devices that are distant apart from each other. You should also understand that cable length affects signal quality. Both long and short cables have their advantages and disadvantages.

Type of Cable Connector

LAN cableIt is another essential factor to consider when looking for this type of cable. Common connectors include 8P8C and RJ-45. Look for one with connectors ideal for your device and cable size. Consider these essential factors to get an Ethernet cable that will offer quality service.…

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