What is VPN and How They Can Help Us?

The internet has been a tremendous help for gathering information and researching various things, but that does not come without risks. Sadly, the internet also is a place for many dangers that involve untold risks at almost every corner like hackers, malware, espionage, viruses, and government agents. 

HackerLuckily, there is a way to counter these threats so we can surf the world wide web without being vulnerable at all times. By using a virtual private network or VPN for short, like CyberGhost Test, we can keep our connection private and safe so we cannot be tracked by prying eyes from afar. But that’s not all of the reason why we need a VPN. Let’s check them one by one down below:

Private Browsing


Virtual private networks endorse private browsing, which means what we browse on the internet won’t be subjected to espionage and surveillance from outside parties like anonymous hackers or government agents, for any person that cares about their sensitive information and browsing habits, using a virtual private network grants immunity and protection from vital information being exposed to those that mean to harm us. This is likely the best reason there is to use a virtual private network.

Protecting Data and Information

In concurrence with the above point. When browsing the web, using a virtual private network helps us protect invaluable data like confidential information, important emails, business deals, online shopping list, bills, notes, and many more. Because VPN gives us anonymity and encryption when we surf the web, our online security and privacy will be protected even when we connect to local shareable connections such as a café’s WiFi network or a friend’s hotspot.

Bypassing Barriers

Accessing Website

As catchy as the alliteration may sound, they do ring true. For example, you would often notice that you cannot access a particular website when you’re browsing the internet, or a video on YouTube won’t load when you click on them. That’s because you are restricted from doing so, maybe it’s your region or your internet provider that blocks them, but that can be bypassed by using a virtual private network. If you utilize VPN while accessing them, those restrictions can be bypassed with ease because VPN changes your IP address to another location that the site or video creator supports. Therefore, what’s once was inaccessible can now be accessed. 

The Bottom Line

If you are unsure of using VPN before, now you should be convinced of their powers and benefits. However, every day is a dangerous day in the internet world, and you should not leave your connection vulnerable and open to these dangers. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself in touch with a VPN service provider and gain your online security!

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Tips on How to Safeguard Your Platforms and Apps from Cybercriminals

Cybercrime is generally any form of crime that takes primarily online. The cyber criminals always tend to commit the crime by targeting the networks or devices involved. It mainly involves the identity range from theft and the security breaches. Cybercrime is an ongoing threat to the current world as it continues to evolve and many new threats surfacing every now and then. Irdeto company is known for offering the best data protection services and solutions. Here are some tips that are beneficial to help to protect your platforms from the cybercrimes.

Use Strong Passwords

strong passwords

Always use a strong password. Regularly change your passwords and do not repeat your passwords on different sites available. Use a complex password. This means a combination of more than 10 letters at least. This would be the numbers and the symbols. To keep the password lockdown, try and use the password management applications for protections.

Keep the Software Updated

Your application software and the operating system should always stay updated. Turn on the automatic updates if possible. Scan the system against viruses and malwares especially when installing a new software. For the existing software use the antivirus so that it catches anything that might try to go through. An example of such protections is Avast among many others available.

Browse Safely

Cybercriminals always uses lurid content as their bait. Most people are tempted by dubious content and this makes them to let their guard down when searching. Cybercriminals always wait for a careless click which in many times exposes different personal data and also infecting of the device with malwares. To resist this, never give the hackers a chance. Always browse safely and leave immediately, don’t just click to any sites.

Always Use a Secure Internet Connection

A secure internet connection is vital part of the security process when protecting against cybercrimes. In public places when going online with the public WI-FI connections note that you have no control over its security. Make sure that your device connections are secure. When in doubt always wait for a better time this is mainly when you’re able to connect to secure WI-FI network especially when providing an important information’s like your bank account number among others.

Use Multi-Factor Authentication

Most of the website not only provide stronger password but also separate code when logging in. This is an extra step but not perfect. Multi-factor authentication makes it harder for the hacker to breaks into accounts. In crucial logins like bank and credit accounts always whenever you have options enable the multi-factor authentication. For advanced level of protection one can also use physical digital key.…

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Common Cybercrimes That Threaten Businesses’ Security

All things come with a price. As we enjoy the benefits of technological advancement, we may have to deal with some downsides that come with them – cybercrimes!

Accordingly, there were 780.000 files that were lost each day in 2017, and there is no way the trend will ever stop. While many are intensifying their security measures, cybercriminals are also becoming more agile with their craft. And do you know that businesses are the usual targets of cybercriminals? A study shows that out of the 39 incidences of cybercrime per second, 43% percent of the victims are businesses.

To be a victim of cybercrime can be the worst that can happen to a business. It can cost them financial and economic losses, important files and records can also be corrupted, and can damage the reputation, which can be the hardest part of it all.

All of the above should encourage businesses to access the services of experts like PacGenesis.  They can lay down customized security measures for the following cybercrimes that can happen to your business.

 Cloud Attacks

Because many businesses have shifted to cloud services because of convenience, they are now potential targets of cloud attacks, causing loss of important files and corruption of sensitive information about their operations and transactions. Cloud attacks are also staged while files are in transit.

IoT-Based Attacks

Businesses are more susceptible to IoT-based attacks because most of them are now dependent on the internet. Cybercriminals sneak malware into your internet devices and wreak havoc on your existing files. If the malware destroys your server, your operations and transactions will surely be affected.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are very common because it yields high rewards with minimal effort. They are aimed at getting private information.  They can trick businesses into giving credit information and login credentials through e-mails, visiting websites, and texts in social media accounts. Millions of dollars have been lost by companies through phishing attacks.

DDOS Attacks

DDOS attacks are designed to damage the network resources of a business. They can interrupt the processes of a whole company. They can wreak havoc into your devices by using methods that you may not notice until your devices are all incapacitated.


Machine Learning Poisoning

When your computer is injected with fraudulent instructions, data coming from it are maliciously changed. All data will be useless as they are not reliable anymore.…

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ethernet cable

What to Consider When Purchasing an Ethernet Cable

What to Consider When Purchasing an Ethernet Cable

Wireless connections or Wi-Fi are common in most homes and offices. Most of them offer unlimited internet connection, which is very affordable. There are instances you may experience challenges with your Wi-Fi connection. One of them is slow speeds. This may inconvenience you a lot. You will have a difficult time opening different web pages and streaming your favorite videos at high quality. This issue may persist even after being fixed by your internet service provider.

LAN cableUsing ethernet cables is one of the best ways to continue enjoying browsing or streaming at improved speeds. It is a cable that connects different network devices. You will experience improved speeds compared to when you are using a wireless connection. Going through various review platforms will help you get the best Ethernet cable for proper connectivity. The highest speed you can enjoy from a Wi-Fi connection is 886.7 Mbps. It is different when you use an Ethernet cable that offers a maximum speed of up to 10 GB/s.

Ethernet cables offer a more secure connection compared to when you are connected wirelessly on your Wi-Fi. Your device will be plugged into the router physically, so it’s hard to notice whether your device was connected to the specific network. You will also experience minimal challenges when your network device is connected via an Ethernet cable. There are several things you should consider when buying this type of network cable. They include:


There are various types of Ethernet cables you can use. Cat 5 and Cat 5e are some of the popular options for household connectivity applications. You can enjoy speeds of up to 100 Mb/s. Cat 5e can offer speeds of up to 1000 Mb/s. There are also more improved types like Cat 6 that provide speeds of up to 10 GBps. Look for the right type for your connectivity needs.


You should also consider the length of the Ethernet cable you are purchasing. Longer network cables are the best if you want to connect devices that are distant apart from each other. You should also understand that cable length affects signal quality. Both long and short cables have their advantages and disadvantages.

Type of Cable Connector

LAN cableIt is another essential factor to consider when looking for this type of cable. Common connectors include 8P8C and RJ-45. Look for one with connectors ideal for your device and cable size. Consider these essential factors to get an Ethernet cable that will offer quality service.…

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a user using a computer

Benefits of Using Firewall Security

Most computers and laptops are equipped with built-in firewall system within the operating system. It indicates that people have started to take the matter seriously that manufacturers decide to feature the system. However, not all people are quite familiar with what a firewall is and think it only serves to prevent viruses.

programming codes on the screen

A firewall system is a system that works to protect your gadgets from data-based dangers circulating massively on the Internet. It is especially crucial if you need to connect to the Internet twenty-four hours a day. When you connect your devices to the Internet, there is a data exchange between your device and the servers, and it is where dangerous malware can be easily found. The application then tries to monitor this data exchange and sort things out, eventually allowing only safe data to enter your system.

Unauthorized Remote System

an ipad and a laptopOne problem with today’s advanced technology is that it is now possible to access other gadgets remotely. It is what people refer to remote access. There are two types of access, and they are the unauthorized and authorized remote system. While the latter does not cause any troubles in most cases, the first type is the one that users need to be careful with. It means that people can easily access your laptop or computer if protection is not available.

Thus, installing the application is what you need to do to prevent such a thing from happening. Remember that unauthorized remote access can lead to other worse issues, such as virus spread, data breaches, and cybercrime.

Unwanted Contents

The opening part of this article explains about data exchange that typically happens between your gadgets with the servers or the routers. The process of exchanging data proves to lead to some issues related to security since it is where malware and data-based contents are circulating. Installing the firewall system or at least trying to keep the built-in system updated is the least that you can so since the application helps block unwanted contents. Online gamers are the ones who will significantly benefit from this feature since they do not have to receive malicious contents while playing.…

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music studio

Bare Minimum Equipment You Need for a Home Studio

The good thing about recording in a small home studio is that you can utilize your limitations to your advantage. It is a good idea to start by understanding the basics, the creative process, and the gear you need. The truth is that you can create killer recordings from the comfort of your home. These are things you must-have to create a home recording studio.

Decent Laptop

As far as home recording is concerned, you will want to go with a computer recording. Probably, you already have a computer. If you do not, you need to get a laptop that is a hub for home recording. If this is the case, you will have already eliminated the decision. It is advisable to acquire a new computer and keep your current one separate. Ensure you choose only a laptop that you are familiar with. The product should feel comfortable working with on a routine basis. Do not just go for brand name.

Digital Audio Workstation

After choosing your computer, you need to choose the right recording software. Remember that not all DAWs can work on both Windows and iOS. For instance, sonar is for PC only while Logic is for Mac only. However, most of them are dual platform like Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, Studio One, and Live Reason. These are fabulous programs that can get the job done.

As you know, investing in recording software is a big deal. However, you should choose software application that fits your budget. At the end, people will listen to your recordings without telling what program was used to mix or record the song.

Audio Interface

Most people who want to set up a home studio cannot afford a $200,000 mixing console. Remember that you need money for other sound devices such as keyboards, vocals, and guitars. In this case, you will need an audio interface. You should note that most DAWs can work with any type of audio interface. That results in an endless list of boxes you can choose from. It is advisable to limit yourself to only two channel interfaces.

Studio Microphone

Microphones are an important part of recording process and can influence how the recorded material turns out. The primary types of microphones include ribbon, condenser, and dynamic. Dynamic microphones are ideal for use on the stage in the live settings. They are quite durable and can take a beating. Moreover, they are very directional.…

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online security

Why Employees Need CISSP Training

At this digital age, businesses are wary of online security risks. Even an email sent by a reliable customer can pose serious security risks such as having key information stolen or business contacts divulged. Thus, the only way one can stay safe from all manner of online security attacks is to have some of your employees become information system security experts. By enrolling them, you can be sure of enhancing your online security risk considerably.

Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) is a security certification granted by an international consortium. Here are some key benefits enjoyed by businesses that have invested in CISSP training for their employees.

Protection of Classified Information

phishing attack

There is a lot of information that any business would not want to share with other people, at least before they are willing to do so. For instance, you need to protect critical details about a product that is about to hit the market, marketing campaign details, and other trade secrets. Anything that can affect the business or dent the reputation of the company should be highly protected. And with CISSP certified employees, you can be sure of protecting classified information.

Customer Privacy

Another reason business should invest in CISSP training is to protect their customers. This is especially needed by companies that harvest private customer data such as social security numbers and credit card details. CISSP training serves as a form of guarantee to customers that their details are safe.

Understanding Online Security Laws

The online community is subject to information security laws. This topic is often left out in some online security courses. But with CISSP training, students are exhaustively taught about the legalities of information technology. Most importantly, you understand what businesses are expected to handle personal details and the consequences of non-compliance.

Understanding Data Recovery

cyber security

The fact that your employees understand online security does not mean that you are immune to online security attacks. Cybercriminals are always devising new ways of initiating their attacks. What are you expected to do after falling victim to a security threat? CIISP training also helps you understand some proven disaster recovery techniques.

Businesses stand to gain a lot from CISSP training. Thus, if you are yet to enroll your employees for CISSP training, you might be losing out a great deal.…

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computer security

Reliable Methods to Secure Your Computer Data

Organizations and persons are increasingly facing risks when handling their data. The computer is the main target since this is the medium for which a lot of people use to process and store their data. The various threats that your computer data are susceptible to are theft and damage. The theft could be as a result of people physically breaking into your house or business premise and stealing the computer. Damage on the other could be due to natural occurrences such as floods, fire to the computer. Secondly, malicious attacks by people could also prove disastrous.
To mitigate against all these risks, there is a need to go an extra mile to secure your laptop/machine and the content therein. Among the reliable methods to secure your computer data are:

Update the Security and Software Systems

A lot of people tend to ignore prompts for upgrading their security and software. This should not be the case since manufacturers of these software are continually doing a review of their products and identifying existing gaps. Once these gaps are identified, they will rectify them by sending prompts for upgrades. These upgrades not only add extra features but also provide a cover for identified security gaps. Always check your PC for any notification on the impending update.

Always Raise Your Antennae

computer scanningThe rule of the thumb when working with computers is always to be suspicious of random emails sent to your inbox. Your PC and to a more significant extent your data can be compromised if you open an email or a link therein.

If it appears to be not legitimate, delete immediately. While email filters are useful to potential flag attack, they are not foolproof. Criminals and hackers are increasingly outsmarting the computer settings.

Enabling the Firewall

The firewall essentially acts as a barricade between the internet and the network or computer. The firewall blocks all the ports that enable communication with your computer. This then stops any threat from getting into the computer system. The firewall also prevents data from leaving the computer. Malicious programs are then prevented from getting into the computer and causing damages. Firewalls need not be physical. They can be inbuilt in the system.

Adjusting the Browser Settings

Technology has made it possible to adjust the following while browsing: security and level of privacy. The importance of adjusting the browser setting is that the risk of hackers using malware to attack your computer is reduced significantly. Secondly, you can block cookies so that your movements are not tracked.

Installing Anti-Spyware and Antivirus

Information technology experts agree that antivirus is not entirely foolproof but is among the reliable methods to secure your computer data. If you are tight on funds, there are so many free programmes available. Antivirus help fight spyware which is a malware that will secretly cause infection to your computer. Once it has gotten into your system, it starts to gather information which is then sent to third parties. In most cases, sensitive information such as login credentials or passwords is stolen.

Finally, regardless of the method you use, the main objective should be to secure the data.…

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computer repair

Choosing the Right Computer Repair Company

If you have a computer, you will need it repaired occasionally, no doubt. However good it may be, it will break down a few times here and there. Luckily, there are many computer repair companies out there and choosing the best one for you should be easy. Here are a few tips to choose the right computer repair service.

Licensed and Insured

If your computer repair technician mistakenly fries your hard drive, he or she should be able to cover damages. He or she should also have valid licenses for any software that they share. We have had many cases of people having cracked software on their computers and facing charges in court. Make sure that your computer repair company of choice shares only genuine software.


The computer world grows by the day. You need to change with the changing times because these changes are always for the better, at least in the computer world. For this reason, you need to hire a computer repair company that stays abreast of the recent developments in the computer industry.

Company with a Clean Track Record

hardware repairYou will do your computer a big injustice if you allow quacks to repair and maintain it. Don’t associate with ducks if you want to soar high like eagles. Modern computers store a lot of crucial information and you want a professional computer repair technician who will give you the peace of mind in knowing that your information is safe.

You may need to get in touch with your friends and relatives to get referrals because some of the people claiming to be professional computer repair technicians are actually quacks.

Consider After Sales Services

You need a computer repair technician who is willing to respond to your inquiries long after he or she has repaired your computer. This is because there is no computer that is completely devoid of problems at any point in time. You need to hire a computer repair company that will walk with you every step of your way. You realize that you can easily solve some problems yourself and avoid others if given the right advice.

Consider Service Guarantees

Don’t trust a professional who does not give guarantees for his or her work. If one is not able to fix a problem, they should not be paid for it. A good computer repair company should give service guarantees for their job. Guarantees give you value for your money and gives you more reasons to trust the same company for other tasks.

Consider the Cost of Repairs

Finally, hire professionals who charge reasonably for their services. Don’t look for the cheapest one in town- they may not do a good job. Instead, look for a professional who has been in the business for long enough to know the right cost of every computer repair task. Avoid those who charge per hour or those who will ask for payment upfront.…

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