Common Cybercrimes That Threaten Businesses’ Security

All things come with a price. As we enjoy the benefits of technological advancement, we may have to deal with some downsides that come with them – cybercrimes!

Accordingly, there were 780.000 files that were lost each day in 2017, and there is no way the trend will ever stop. While many are intensifying their security measures, cybercriminals are also becoming more agile with their craft. And do you know that businesses are the usual targets of cybercriminals? A study shows that out of the 39 incidences of cybercrime per second, 43% percent of the victims are businesses.

To be a victim of cybercrime can be the worst that can happen to a business. It can cost them financial and economic losses, important files and records can also be corrupted, and can damage the reputation, which can be the hardest part of it all.

All of the above should encourage businesses to access the services of experts like PacGenesis.  They can lay down customized security measures for the following cybercrimes that can happen to your business.

 Cloud Attacks

Because many businesses have shifted to cloud services because of convenience, they are now potential targets of cloud attacks, causing loss of important files and corruption of sensitive information about their operations and transactions. Cloud attacks are also staged while files are in transit.

IoT-Based Attacks

Businesses are more susceptible to IoT-based attacks because most of them are now dependent on the internet. Cybercriminals sneak malware into your internet devices and wreak havoc on your existing files. If the malware destroys your server, your operations and transactions will surely be affected.

Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are very common because it yields high rewards with minimal effort. They are aimed at getting private information.  They can trick businesses into giving credit information and login credentials through e-mails, visiting websites, and texts in social media accounts. Millions of dollars have been lost by companies through phishing attacks.

DDOS Attacks

DDOS attacks are designed to damage the network resources of a business. They can interrupt the processes of a whole company. They can wreak havoc into your devices by using methods that you may not notice until your devices are all incapacitated.


Machine Learning Poisoning

When your computer is injected with fraudulent instructions, data coming from it are maliciously changed. All data will be useless as they are not reliable anymore.…

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